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2016-07-08 What is Industrial Automation? Industrial automation is a combination of both control systems (like robots and computers) and information technology that are used to perform different processes and control machinery.

2005-01-29 Co-op Advertising Network - An Automated Free Link Exchange Program The more members in the network, the more powerful the ad network.

2004-12-31 Broadband Technology - Cable Modem A cable modem is a special type of modem that is designed to modulate a data signal over cable television infrastructure.

2004-12-31 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - Equipment, Protocols, Configurations and Technologies Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL, refers to a family of technologies that provide a digital connection over the copper wires of the local telephone network.

2004-12-31 Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - Consumer, Industry, Services and Configuration There are two points of view into the ISDN world.

2004-12-31 Router - History, Functionality and Manufacturers A router is a computer networking device that forwards data packets toward their destinations through a process known as routing.

Fulfillment House - Fees and Pricing   Besides the fulfillment services and warehouse capacity, you need to fully understand and analyze the fee structures to determine whether a particular fulfillment house fits your business requirements.

Choosing a Fulfillment Company The type of goods to be delivered, volumes of orders and the dependence of fulfillment on other business processes all impact your decision making.

Literature Fulfillment - Choosing Fulfillment Services Part of a marketing campaign is to deliver literature to your targeting audience. Organizations with high volumes of literature fulfillment trend to use third part fulfillment companies to do the job rather than do it in-house.

Software Testing Procedures The testing of complex software system is a complex project itself in software quality assurance. It employs software test methodology, risk management and well-structured testing procedures.

Software Testing Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and User Testing.

Increase hits - Build Web Site Traffic from Search Engines a simple step-by-step Search Engine promotion guide for average Web Authors.

Keyword Popularity Calculator Estimate how many times a search term is searched on Google this month.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning Software
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management Software
Sales Automation
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