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Web Application Architecture


Development of a large ecommerce system could cost millions of dollars. An ecommerce system may consist of many individual applications. In responding to the ever-changing nature of the marketplace, new functionality is continuously added to the existing applications, and new applications are developed to meet the needs of emerging opportunities. A sound Web application architecture is critical for web application design, consistent technical standards across applications, high level of code reusability, and evolution of ecommerce systems and applications.

For 3 tier implementation of Web Application Architecture, JSP or ASP are commonly used for dynamic content, business logic tier is usually powered by a Java Application Server, and data tier is usually powered by a relational database server.

Criteria of Evaluating Architecture Options cost of initial development, complexity of development, performance and evolution of the applications

3 Tier Architecture presentation layer, business logical layer and persistence layer

3 Tiers of Business Applications end user, client admin and service admin

3 Options of Code Sharing enterprise option, network option and hybrid option

Common Business Components benefits of component development, characterestics of business component and common business components


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