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3 Tiers of Business Applications


Large ecommerce systems can typically be grouped into 3 types of business applications in terms of types of users and business functionality. Not all layers of business applications will be part of initial implementation. The architecture, however, should support the full-blown expansion of initial system to all types of business applications. An ecommerce system for product distribution, that supports wholesellers, resellers and end users, is a typical system with 3 layers of business applications.

End-User Layer Applications in this group are intended for consumers or end-users. Online storefront is a typical end-user layer ecommerce application.

Admin Layer Large ecommerce systems serves many types of consumers or market segments. The system usually provides tools for managing the user groups and market segments. The users of admin layer could be clients, authorized agents or internal employees. The management of storefront, such as adding, editing, and deleting a product item, is a common admin layer application.

Service Layer This layer supports and manages the admin layer. It should be exclusively designed for authorized internal employees. Creation of an admin user is an example of service layer function.

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