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Common Business Components


Basics of Business Component Development A large ecommerce system involves hundreds or thousands of business entities. It is essential to group those entities into components by functionality. This is the lowest level of using component technology. At higher level, business component is a unit of project management, a unit of development, a unit of deployment and a unit of maintenance. A component could have its own presentation layer, business logical layer and persistence layer. Data integrity within a component is enforced by database constraints, and the data integrity across components is usually enforced at business logical layer to create autonomous components.

Characteristics of Business Components A business component usually consists of a master object or entity, one or more classification entities, and one or more support entities.

For Product Catalog component, product is the master entity, product category is the classification entity. Product type and others are likely support entities.

Common Business Components Some components (such as product category, users, order placement, payment processing, order inquiry and etc.) are common to many ecommerce applications.

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