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Criteria of Evaluating Architecture Options


Architectural teams or development teams should investigate more than one architectural options for their ecommerce systems. The proposed options then should be evaluated in a systematic fashion by applying a set of well-defined criteria. Without subject evaluation of various options, we may end up with choosing the architecture we prefer, not the architecture most suitable for your business requirements.

Cost of Initial Development The cost of initial implementation is usually a small portion of your total cost of application development. Application evolution and maintenance incurs large portion of the total cost. This is specially true for the development of ecommerce systems since the scope of the system changes continuously. Ecommerce systems generally prefer the architectures which require lower initial investment.

Complexity of Development whether your IT staff have the right expertise to implement the architecture in a cost-effective way.

Performance of the Application whether the applications based on the architecture can deliver the performance to meet your business needs.

Evolution of the Application whether the architecture is flexible enough for addition of new functionality. What is the cost for application enhancement?

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