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Customer Relationship Management


Attracting new customers and maintaining good customer relationship is the first and the outmost task in any business success. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a strategy used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. While CRM software systems can automate many customer-related tasks, it is the transformation of business processes that makes your CRM success. The success of CRM implementation will help bring together information about customers, market trend, marketing and sales efforts and customer service. As a result of prolifration of Web-based business application, CRM utiliing Internet technology is an integratal part of organizations' overall e-business strategies.

Proper implementation of CRM system can improve the process of identifying new customers, provide better customer support, make call centers and help desk more efficient, cross sell products more effectively, shorten the time of closing deals, and integrate marketing and sales processes.

CRM Technology - Overview and Comparison CRM has experienced rapid growth and expansion in three dimensions in recent years - business tasks, industries and technology.

Web Based CRM, Online CRM - Benefits and Vendors The major difference between online CRM and enterprise CRM is the user interface of the systems.

Hosted CRM and CRM ASP - Benefits and Vendors Hosted CRM is a Web based CRM that the CRM system is hosted at an Application Service Provider (ASP). Organizations that use the CRM system don't own the CRM software, instead they subscribe to the CRM services by paying a subscription fee.

Mobile CRM and Wireless CRM - Infrastructures and Vendors the more robust solutions for mobile CRM utilize a mobile middleware for the interactions between the wireless device and the applications.

CRM Implementations cost, data requirements and critical successful factors of CRM implementation

Web-Based Help Desk Software request submission, email notification and system integration

Benefits of Online Customer Support reducing the need of live customer support and online support for online applications

Customer Service: Stop Sabotaging Your Customer Relationships Everyday your customers and your CSR's make decisions about whether to stay with your company or go to your competitor


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