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Benefits of Online Customer Support


Customer Support is probably the most successful and popular use of the Web and the Interne. The Web has opened many new ways of customer support and has substantially reduced the cost of customer support. The web has fundamentally changed the way customers interact with products/services vendors and presented new challenges as well.

Reducing the Need of Live Customer Support

  • Online Ordering Systems online ordering systems have reduced the need of customer service representatives at many organizations. Users prefers to place orders on the Web than ask for help over the phone.
  • Knowledge Bases and FAQs well designed online knowledge bases and FAQs for your products/services will also reduce the need of live support.
  • Online Tutorials online tutorials is a viable tool for educating your customers about your products and services. They are not widely used on the Web than they should be because the cost of producing online tutorials and the bandwidth constraints.

Online Support for Online Applications

  • Error Handling and Notification Web-based online applications, such as ordering systems, demand proper customer support themselves. Appropriate error handing and notification are essential for the success of online applications.
  • Online Live Support besides giving users a support phone for customers to call, Web-based online live chat or Instant Messager are valuable options for customer support as well.

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