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Web-Based Help Desk Software


Web-based help desk software can improve customer satisfaction and productivity by automating customer support processes. Large organizations have the luxury to build web-based help desk software in-house, while most small to medium-sized organizations tend to acquire the software from reliable vendors. Choosing a help desk software is an important part of strategic business decision making.

Benefits of Web-Based Help Desk Software

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty The immediate benefit of employing Web-Based Help Desk Software is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers can search support knowledge database and report issues on the Web. The software enables customer support representatives to response to customers timely and accurately.

Improved Productivity Customer support staff is more productive as a result of using help desk systems. Help Desk systems can facilitate coordination of team work and assign support requests to proper support team members.

Accumulation of Support Knowledge Web-based help desk systems allow the support staff to keep track of frequently asked questions and answers. Creation of support knowledge base will reduce the needs of live customer support and promote the reuse of support knowledge database.

Business Intelligence Customer support information is a great source for business intelligence. Analysis of customer support database can provide insights into customer needs, behaviors and offers valuable feedback for improving overall business processes.

Basic Features of Web-Based Help Desk Systems

Requests Submission Customers are able to ask, review or update questions to the support staff. Through this interface your customers can perform a number of actions such as searching support knowledge databases, trouble ticket generation, ticket updating and tracking, and profile management. The email requests from customers are automatically logged into the system. Customers can keep track of all the requests sent through various channels and the support team can search and prioritize the support requests.

Email Notification Email notification facilitates the communication between the support team and the customers. The customers are always kept well informed as to the progress of their requests. The email notifications are automatically generated when issues are resolved or updated by the support staff.

Knowledge Base Organizations can update support knowledge base continuously upon resolving the requests, and assign them to the proper categories and code them with specific keywords for easy retrieval. Both users and support team can search by category, text or specific keyword. to find answers to related problems or questions.

Administration Interface This component is designed for administrators, managers, employees, and customer representatives of an organization. They can perform work flow management, knowledge base management, email notification management, customer satisfaction survey, extensive customization and report generation.

Advanced Features of Web-Based Help Desk Systems

Escalation Procedures With advanced features in Web-based Help Desk systems, you can easily customize the system so that if issues are not closed within a certain time period, they will be automatically escalated. At this point, a member of your staff can be sent an email reminding them that the issue is still open.

Multilingual user interface Advanced help desk systems have the ability of supporting many languages other than English.

Customization Advanced help desk systems offer the ability for customers to change appearance of user interface. A group of customers from the same organization usually requires the customization of user interface to comply with the look and feed of their corporate web presence.

Integration with Outside Vendors or Partners Advanced help desk systems can be seamlessly integrated with the systems of partners or vendors that are outside your organization. You can set up users from a partner or vendor organization and assign issues directly to them via email. Your partners are then able to solve issues with only a simple web browser.

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