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What is Branded Email & Why You Need It!



Imagine a world in black and white. All cars are black, all TV commercials are black, all magazine ads, all newspaper ads, all advertising and marketing is black and white. Think of how many times a day you are exposed to a medium that is designed to sell or market to you. Now, think of all of these in black and white. Welcome to email. Prepare for a difference.

Before we go any further, what is "Branded Email." Most companies have never heard of this term, understand this term or know exactly what it is. Branded Email is email sent out on a one to one basis with corporate branding elements included in the email. The branding elements can include corporate logos, website links, tag lines and the overall look and feel to match the company website and/or paper company letterhead.

Branded email is here to stay. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Under the most conservative figures, over 7 billion emails are sent each day. Some reports show that number to be closer to 30 billion with an anticipated 60 billion emails send per day by 2006.

Email is taken for granted and all attention to this magnificent technology is focused on mass mailing and email marketing. Why is it that we never think twice about the 5-10 emails we send a day? Lets do some quick math to illustrate the impact everyday email can have. With 20 people in a company sending 10 emails a day, over the course of a year on a 5-day workweek, that company will be sending out over 48,000 emails! 48,000 pieces of one-to-one communications are sent as plain, black and white correspondence. This is equivalent to sending out 48,000 letters on plain white paper! An incredible missed opportunity!

Individuals in charge of their corporate image have not placed enough emphasis on their electronic communications. One-to-one email correspondence is a direct link to the hearts and wallets of the customers. We like to use the analogy of CPR when dealing with email. Every email sent deals with "C", "P", "R" - Customer, Prospect, and Relationship. They are a customer, a prospect, or an established relationship. Company customers are only customers until they have been targeted as a prospect of another company. With global ties and instant communication, the staging front for the retention and acquisition of a fan or customer falls into the "Inbox".

Branded Email turns your plain emails into professional corporate representations. Today, email is becoming one of the most important tools a company has. With so much time spent in creating all of the companies marketing and advertising pieces, why is so little spent on the tool they will use the most? We cannot stress enough the importance of your everyday email and the impact it has on those who receive it. Every company, every day, everywhere is fighting for space in someone's "Inbox". Whether it is a large corporation or a small corporation, the fight exists and in the "Inbox", the company size holds no bearing.

The inbox is the modern day interpretation of a level playing field. What lies within the content of the message is the perception of reality and the level at which that company operates. Small companies, who leverage their inbox strategies, increase their odds for success and growth.

Email has stayed stagnant long enough, it is time to take advantage of what we presently have and make it work for us. With global trade barriers shrinking by the day, you must do all you can to ensure that you retain the right to your customers and fight the Inbox battle.

Tom Martin is the President & CEO of OnLetterhead, a leading provider of branded email solutions for customers ranging from individuals to the Fortune 500. For more information on branded email for you, visit our web page at http://emt.onletterhead.com or email us at olhsales@e....

Tom Martin is the President & CEO of OnLetterhead, a leading provider of branded email solutions for customers ranging from individuals to the Fortune 500.

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