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Linking Strategies


If your pages offer value for targeted audience, they will be linked by other webpage authors over time. Some of average web pages created in early years of the Web (1995-1997) are still ranked very high in search engines even though the content of those pages has never been updated and is obsolete. In the early day of the Web, not many web pages were available, some modest pages were overwhelmingly linked by many other modest pages. The problem has not been adequately addressed by any search engines. Besides waiting passively for other authors to link your pages, you can proactively to build links for your pages.

Directories Popular directories, such as Yahoo and Open Directory will either cost your big money, or take forever to get listed. They may not necessarily generate qualified traffic to your site. On the other hand, many small directories targeting niche markets will welcome your contributions of links. Those niche directories will generate traffic for your site and boast the ranks of your pages in search engines. This should be your first step to promote your sites.

Reciprocal Links Asking other Web page authors for a reciprocal link is another popular practice to promote your sites on the Internet. Not all your requests will be honored. Relevance is the key factor to increase the success of reciprocal links.

Discussion Forms Many discussion forum are periodically indexed by search engines. Participating in discussion with the URL in your signature file is a more gentle way to promote your sites than plainly announce your sites. This will generate targeted traffic as well as increase the chance of being indexed by search engines.

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