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Online Ads


Online ads are served in the forms of banners, popups and sponsored text links.

Sponsored Text Links While online ads using banners have experienced difficulty after 2000, Sponsored Text Links have been enjoying great success. Some sponsors are willing to pay up to $10-$15 per click. Sponsored text links (contextual ads) target users at information gathering stage in the purchase decision making process. Those users are close to make their purchase decision. Newspapers and trade magazines are also useful media for targeting users at information gathering stage, but they're not as effective as online ads. Users gathering purchase information on the net may be in just a click away from actual purchasing. Contextual online ads is counted only less than one fourth of overall online ads spending ($1.7 billions out of $8 billions) in 2002. It is reasonably to believe that contextual ads will eventually dominate online ads industry. After all, serving information is what the new media (Web and the Internet) do best.

Banner Ads Early research indicated that 40% of the banner ads viewers remembers the content of the ads, as compared to 41% of those who view a 30-second television commercial. Online banner ads are as effective as television ads in creating significant awareness of brands.

Popups Many users find popups are annoying and intrusive. Some reputable sites don't serve popups at all. Software, as plug-ins or part of toolbars, has been developed to automatically block the popups. Some searchers found that it may generate positive result if they are used properly. See link How effective are pop-ups? in the resource section for analysis in details.

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