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SAFE COMPUTING?: You Urgently Need to Protect Your Home Business Computer


by Dr. William G. Perry

The FBI and Computer Crime Survey Institute report that loss from cyber attacks in 2003 totaled more than 400 million dollars. The number is likely to be much higher because the results of the survey were based upon only 512 respondents.

You computer has probably already been the object of a cyber attack without your being aware.

If you have yet to be attacked, it's only a question of "when" it's going to happen not "if".

Computer security pros refer to the Internet world as being an "asymmetric threat environment". That means that you can be attacked from multiple sources at any time.

Included among the possible threats are: Identity thieves, Competitors wishing to steal information, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, loss of confidential information, fraud, denial of service attacks and the theft of your computing power.

Cyber attacks can be initiated from virtually any location and by anyone. Indeed, research shows that cyber theft and attacks come from insiders as well as outsiders.

Included in the cast of "bad guys" who might try to cause damage to your information processing resources or steal from you are disgruntled employees, accomplished on-line thieves, individuals who are affiliated with organized crime, cyber terrorists and what could be called cyber punks or thrill seekers.

A startling truth about Internet and computer security is that you must make provisions to protect yourself. Forget calling law enforcement. They are understaffed and under funded. Officials in some communities even refuse to investigate and prosecute cyber crime.

Do you think that cyber criminals know where they can conduct cyber attacks with impunity?

So how do you secure your home business computer from the threats you face on the Internet? The answer has many components. Above all else, however, you have to be proactive. Take steps now that can help you avoid problems later.

Additional resources related to computer security can be obtained at www.cert.org and www.sans.org.
You can receive a FREE copy of the e-publication "9 Steps You Can Take to Secure Your Home Business Computer". No sales pitches or SPAM. Just send the author a note and refer to the publication.

Dr. William G. Perry
The Learning Net / www.thelearningnet.com
Cullowhee, NC 28723 (828)293-2542
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