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Business Market - the growth of B2B Market


It was the B2C market that fueled the growth of ecommerce. Soon businesses realized that the market for B2B is significantly larger than B2C market. In late 1990s, many believed that B2B is 10 times larger than B2C. What was not addressed is the significant differences between those 2 markets. Much of B2C market is created by the popularity of the Internet and the Web. Most of B2B market, on the other hand, is the result of existing markets adapting a new way of conducting transactions.

The forecast of B2B revenue is anyone's guess. The estimated international B2B revenues for 2003 range from $1.46 trillion (IDC), $3.7 trillion (Forrester Research), to $9.9 trillion (Computer Economics) depending on what is counted as B2B revenue. Forrester Research estimates that US B2B revenue for 2003 to be $634 billions in 2002.

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