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Conduct Market Survey Online


An online survey involves 6 major steps. Some software can automate the entire survey processes.

Questionnaire Design Successful survey starts at good survey design:

  • Clearly define the goals of your survey.
  • Ask questions closely related to the goals of the survey.
  • Make sentences of your questions concise.
For more details of good questionnaire design, please follow the link Questionnaires, Survey Design and Marketing Research within the Resources section on this page.

Survey Creation Online surveys utilize HTML forms to displaying multiple-choice questionnaires or other types of questions. Navigation and layout of the HTMl pages will impact the quality and response rate of your surveys.

For more information on usability design, please follow the link Online Survey Guide within the Resources section on this page.

Survey Publishing This is a simple task of uploading your survey HTML pages to a Web server on the Internet. For most online survey software, this is just a click of a button. Be sure that the web server handing your surveys has the sufficient capacity and bandwidth to serve the pages.

Survey Announcement You can announce the surveys on Web sites, in related newsgroups or use emails. Survey announcement should follow the general guidelines of Internet Marketing.

Data Collection Online surveys use HTML forms to collect user response data. When your survey participants press "Submit" button to complete the surveys, their responses can be captured in either in a database or a flat text file for easy manipulation. Survey results can be emailed to responsible persons as well.

Results Analysis Analysis of data can go from very basic statistic analysis, fancy graphics, to utilization of complex mathematical market research model.

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