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Characteristics of Products/Services


Design and execution of a particular market research is largely dependent on the products or services you're trying to sell. There're some common questions you should think about for your ecommerce market research.

What are your products or services?

  • Can they actually be delivered over the Internet, such as information products or software ?
  • Are they information-rich, such as Books ?
  • Are they expensive, such as automobiles, boats, or houses? So the customers want comprehensive information before buying.
  • Could the online buying save money or time? Do your products or services cross geographical areas, such as travel agencies. flower shops, and other gift stores ?
  • Do your services offer a great number of choices, and rich collections? That type of services is impossible for any geographically located store.
  • Are your products or services well-known in the net community?
  • Do customers like to buy them anonymously?
  • Do your products/services serve the net community?

Positioning Your Offering

  • Provide unique benefits for your customers that no other firms could offer
  • Target the cyber society
  • Offer products or services that have been proven successful for online selling

What is your products/services offering mix?

  • All your products/services are online
  • All your products/services are off-line
  • Both online and off-line

Product Life Cycle

  • What are the stages of you products/services in the product life cycle: initial. growth, mature, or harvest stage? Does this make a difference in your decision makings?

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