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Free Merchant Accounts


Regular ecommerce merchant accounts are expensive. Ecommerce service providers promote "free merchant accounts" as alternatives to help online business owners to reduce the cost of handling online transactions. You can start selling your products on the Internet without the hefty upfront cost of a regular ecommerce merchant account. Free merchant accounts are, of course, not completely free. There're several options to conduct online transactions cost-effectively.

3rd Party Credit Card Processors You can handle online credit card processing without a merchant account. 3rd party credit card processors are companies that accept credit card orders on behalf of other online businesses. They process the transactions and send you a monthly payment. If you don't sell, you don't pay. However, the credit card processors charge you a few extra percentage points on transactions in comparison to having your own ecommerce merchant account.

Discount Merchant Accounts Merchant banks may waive setup fee and even monthly fee under certain conditions while charging a higher transaction fee. You do have your own merchant account comparing to the option of using a third part credit card processor. If you don't process, you don't pay.

Merchant Account Bundled with Ecommerce Hosting Ecommerce hosting companies offer merchant account as part of hosting package. They will waive your setup fee and monthly fee if you sign up with their ecommerce hosting package. They charge a few percentage points on transactions.

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