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International Merchant Account


International Merchant Account A Merchant Account is a commercial bank account established by a merchant to receive payment via credit cards. Three parts are required to accept credit cards - a merchant account, a local bank checking account to deposit funds and a Processing Solution, such as a web-based store front to accept credit card online. International merchant accounts, or Offshore Merchant Accounts, are merchant accounts that allow the merchants to accept payments from around the world-- regardless of where your business or customers are located.

Services of International Merchant Account An Internet merchant account allows merchants to accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) online. Online payments are routed to a secure payment gateway to process credit cards at real-time. Online merchant accounts or Internet merchant accounts are usually compatible with popular shopping cart applications for easy integration. Comparing to an online merchant account, two major services that come with an International merchant account are Multiple-Currency Support and International Fraud Protection.
Multiple-Currency Support International Merchant Accounts support multi-currency payment processing. Merchants are able to sell online to the world in the currencies of their choice. Online shoppers can place orders from anywhere in the world in their own currencies. There are no additional currency conversion fees for the merchants or the customers.
International Fraud Protection The vendors of International merchant accounts also provide comprehensive fraud protection to minimize the risk of Internet fraud and the additional cost and loss due to charge backs and disputed transactions. Besides using Fraud checks provided by payment gateway, such as WorldPay and authorize.net, the vendors usually and adds several new layers of anti-fraud intelligence and pattern matching.

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