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Mobile Merchant Account | Wireless Merchant Account - Benefits and Cost


Wireless/Mobile Merchant Account for Credit Card Processing

Mobile merchants used to face unique issues when accepting credit card payments. With the advancement of high-speed wireless networks and mobile technology, mobile businesses are no longer limited in their payment options to just cash or checks. The mobile merchants can apply for a mobile merchant account for credit card Processing. The credit card processing in a mobile environment is the same as in a fixed environment except that the transmission of transaction information is through multiple wireless coverage networks.

With wireless credit card terminals, the Palm, Pocket PC, BlackBerry RIM, and mobile phones, merchants use advanced terminal technology that includes both internal wireless service and battery power so neither a phone line nor a power outlet is required to accept credit card in a mobile environment.

Cost and Benefits of Mobile Merchant Account

The benefits of wireless solution include mobility, fast transaction times, instant approval and decline codes, and completing secure transactions. Many merchant account service providers waive application fee and setup fees to attract more businesses. However, the use of wireless service provider does incur the expense of the terminal hardware, activation fee, monthly service fee, and transaction cost.

Merchants should also be aware of the coverage areas served by the wireless provider they choose. They may encounter receptions problems with a wireless terminal in a building or a convention center.

A wireless merchant account may be restricted to only wireless business transactions, and may not be used as any other business type of merchant account.

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