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Catalog Browsing Design


Browsing products by category and/or product type is another commonly used option to present products to your customers. Advanced use of browsing highlights the products of particular interests.

Mostly Ordered Products Popularity is one way to justify quality. Consumers trend to trust other consumers' choices than vendors' recommendations. 80/20 rule applies to sales as well. 20% of most popular products may make up 80% of your sales.

Feature or Promotion Products There're two reasons to present consumers a list of promotion products. Vendors want to highlight the products with best-value, or to rotate all products to consumers periodically for promotion. Online storefronts tend to show promotion products on their home pages, while brick-and mortar stores stock promotion products at the entrances,

New Products New products desire special promotion. Vendors want to entice customers with new products, and customers are consistently looking for new things.

Related Products Consumers purchase a product to satisfy their particular needs or to help them complete specific tasks. If consumers are interested in one product they are very likely interested in the related products. If they're looking for a soccer ball, they may be interested in soccer uniforms as well. If they're searching for HTML books, they would be likely interested in Javascript books too. Related product list could be part of a product detail page. This is a feature on amazon, "the customer bought this book also bought the following books".

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