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Checkout Process Design


Good online storefronts give consumers a new (but not strange) shopping experience by combining the best of conventional shopping experience and the best of Web.

Login Convenience sells. In a physical store, consumers don't have to identify themselves before checkout (there're always exceptions, you do have to show your membership cards to get into Sam's Club or Costco. In an online storefront, users can keep themselves anonymous (without login) before checkout. Digital cash (not widely adapted) allows users to make online purchase without revealing personal information.

Shopping Cart Functionality of a good online shopping cart mimics a physical shopping cart and add more advanced features. Besides adding new items, removing items, changing quantity, users can sort the items in the shopping cart, keep the shopping cart for a period of time, or calculate total prices of the items in the shopping cart.

Checkout Customers don't have to wait online. The benefit of time-saving has successfully lured many busy shoppers online.

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