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Product Search Design


Online catalog allows customers to easily find the products they are looking for. If you have more than 20 items, you should consider have a search function (even it's very simple), instead of displaying all products on one page.

Catalog Search usually have 3 pages: 1) search page, 2) search summary page, and 3) product detail page.

Product Catalog Search search page allows customers to find products by their preferred criteria. The commonly used criteria include, but not limited to:

  • keywords those are the words that customers would likely use to describe the products, which should be part of your product description.
  • product type product types describe how products are different physically. Are they books, CD, or toys?
  • category product categories describe how products will be used for. Are they for improving your language skills or helping your fitness exercise?

Search Summary Search summary present a list of products that matches the search criteria customers entered. The summary usually includes item number (or SKU number), short description of the products, product type and/or product category. The products can be grouped by product type or product category, or allow customers to sort products by those criteria on the fly. Most summary pages have buttons for adding the products to shopping cart.

Product Detail Product detail page offers rich information about a product. It is common to have a thumbnail image of the product on the page linking to an enlarged image of the product. This is intended to help overcome the lack of physical presence of the product in an online environment. There should always be a button for adding the product to the shopping cart on product detail page.

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