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Shopping Cart Comparison


Shopping cart comparison is complex largely because service providers offer various types of services, have different price structure and the price change continuously. For instance, They typically waive setup fee in promotion period. The comparison serves as a start point in choosing the best ecommerce shopping cart for your online business.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart eBay Stores Yahoo! Store Microsoft bCentral
Monthly Subscription Fee $9.95-$499.95 $100-$300 $29.95 or $259/year
Setup Fee $9.95 Waived $35
Insertion Fee per Item $0.05-$0.2 $0.1 N/A
Merchant Account Monthly Fee No $22.95 $19.95
Transaction Fee 2.9% + $0.3 2.58 - 2.69% + $0.2 2.35% + $0.3
Accept Online Check Yes No No
Products and Categories Limit Unlimited 50 items or more 40 MB Space
Customer Order Notification Yes No Yes

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