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Fulfillment Company, Fulfillment House or Fulfillment Center


Fulfillment Company, Fulfillment House and Fulfillment Center all refer to a fulfillment organization. They are used interchangeably sometimes, but they differ one way or another.

Fulfillment Company

A fulfillment company is a business entry whose core business is fulfillment. A fulfillment company tends to offer comprehensive fulfillment solutions, from product fulfillment to service fulfillment, from fulfillment of physical goods to the fulfillment of digital content. Fulfillment companies operate both warehouses and call centers.

Fulfillment House

A fulfillment house, like a fulfillment company, is a business entry whose core business is fulfillment. The core business of a fulfillment is warehouse fulfillment. The core competency of a fulfillment house is product fulfillment - the fulfillment of physical goods. It may or may not operate call centers.

Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment center refers to both a independent fulfillment company or a fulfillment unit of a large organization. When it refers to a fulfillment company, the primary business of a fulfillment center is service fulfillment, and likely it operates call center. When it refers to an internal business unit of a large organization, the unit may operate both warehouses and call centers. Many fortune 500 companies, such as HP and Wal-Mart, have their own fulfillment centers. Even though they may outsource fulfillment to external fulfillment companies or fulfillment houses.

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