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Literature Fulfillment - Choosing Fulfillment Services


Part of a marketing campaign is to deliver literature to your targeting audience. Organizations with high volumes of literature fulfillment trend to use third part fulfillment companies to do the job rather than do it in-house. Most literature comes into as parts or components and goes out as kits.

Benefits of Using Literature Fulfillment Services

Quality of Services Many fulfillment companies have been in business for decades. They have the experience and standard operation procedures to provide high quality fulfillment services.
Cost Saving Besides warehouses and equipment for normal fulfillment services, literature fulfillment needs special equipment and expertise. Fulfillment companies usually can provide the services at a lower cost because of economy of scale.
Flexibility Change in fulfillment requirements and volumes can be easily accommodated at fulfillment service companies since they have a wide range of services and equipment to service a wide variety of clients..

Options of Fulfilling Literatures

Literature can be delivered to your customers or clients in many options. The options of delivery are dependent on 1) usage of the document, 2) the frequency of revisions, 3) user preferences, and 4) special requirements of the documents.
Download Online Users can download document online usually in PDF format. This is the less expensive option to deliver literature to your customers. But not all documents can be or should be delivered online. The usage of online download should be tracked to better understand customer behaviors and needs.
CD Delivery Users can order literature on pre-manufactured CD or build CD on the fly. CD is used to deliver large volumes of literature.
Demand Print Documents are produced upon order placement. Demand Print is a good choice for documents in frequent change, but ordered less frequently.
Offset Print For documents of high usage or special print requirements (trinkets and die cut), the option is to produce the document at a third part facility in large volumes.

Choosing Fulfillment Services

Cost When comparing cost, you should look at the overall cost, setup fees vs. fulfillment service fees. Most fulfillment services require a minimum of one-year contract. THere is always a cost of switching fulfillment services.
Quality of Services The fulfillment company should be ISO certified and utilize ISO 9000 quality measures in literature fulfillment.
Technology Literature fulfillment needs special equipment such as CD burners, Demand Print equipment.

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