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Ecommerce Fulfillment Services - Evaluating Vendors


Ecommerce fulfillment or Internet fulfillment is a straightforward extension of 'bricks and mortar' fulfillment operation. The process of choosing e-commerce fulfillment vendors involves evaluation of both fulfillment services and ecommerce services for order processing.

Fulfillment Services

Receiving Fulfillment vendors acquire goods from suppliers and the accuracy of services starts at the receiving.
Inventorying The skills of inventory management directly impact the quality and cost of fulfillment. If inventory is out of stock, you may lose customers. If inventory level is too high, it may increase cost of inventory.
Warehousing Physical goods are stored in a storage. Valuable items are usually stored in secure storage. While fulfillment companies have their warehouse and distribution centers, small businesses can store goods in their garages or basements.
Shipping For order fulfillment, goods are delivered to customers in various shipping methods, ground, overnight, and etc at fulfillment center. Customers specify shipping methods when they place their orders and the fulfillment company usually can adjust the shipping methods of the delivery.
Return and Order Inquiry Customer Service Reps at fulfillment companies can handle return and refund for their clients. Most ecommerce sites allow customers to view their orders and status of fulfillment online.
Record Keeping and Reporting The ability to track all information pertinent to the order fulfillment (from inventory items, customers, orders to shipping) will help businesses to gain insights into the behaviors of their customers. Large organizations usually install inventory and fulfillment management software to automate the processes. Small business owners can find shareware for less than $100.

Ecommerce Services

E-commerce fulfillment vendors are usually fulfillment vendors that provide ecommerce services related to fulfillment.
Online Catalog Ecommerce fulfillment vendors can either develop online storefront for you or integrate your online storefront into their backend fulfillment system.
Online Payment Processing Online storefront from ecommerce fulfillment providers should have the ability to process payment online in credit card, electronic check, and purchase order.

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