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Overview of Electronic Commerce


The Internet continues to change every aspects of our life, and changes the way consumers make their purchase decisions. It is essential for organizations, large or small, to understand ecommerce from a broad perspective, to learn the basics of underlying technology, to assess the impact of the technology on business processes, to foresee how the Internet may shape the course of the future in our everyday life and business word, and to fully enjoy the benefits of electronic ecommerce in their business practices.

Definition and Concept of Electronic Commerce definition and components of the ecommerce (processes, technologies, players and markets).

Benefits of Ecommerce - digitalization and networking digitalization and networking

History of Ecommerce EDI, the Internet and XML/Web Services

Future of Ecommerce the trends and future of Electronic commerce

Internet Users size of the Internet users, usage patterns and user behaviors

Regulations government agencies, law enforcement and etc.

Institutions the World Wide Web Consortium, commerceNet and IETF

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Overview and Standards Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of structured information, by agreed message standards, from one computer application to another by electronic means and with a minimum of human intervention.

Key success factors in e-commerce Several factors have a role in the success of any e-commerce venture. They may include:

E-commerce problems Even if a provider of E-commerce goods and services rigorously follows these sixteen "key factors" to devise an exemplary e-commerce strategy, problems can still arise. Sources of such problems include:

Ecommerce Product suitability - What Sells Best Online? Certain products/services appear more suitable for online sales; others remain more suitable for offline sales.


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