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Benefits of Ecommerce - digitalization and networking


Efficiency, intelligence and availability are the major benefits of Electronic Commerce. The benefits of ecommerce are the results of digitalization of business information and availability of global network (Internet). Digitalization of business information (inventory, sales, fulfillment and etc.) improves the efficiency of information capturing, storing and processing and facilitates extracting business intelligence from data. Information on The Internet can be accessed and transmitted without geographical boundary and time constraint.

From business point of view, how much ecommerce can benefit your business is only limited to your expertise and creativity. From technical and operational perspective, Website Monitoring is a critical step of overall ecommerce operation that businesses should pay special attention.

Organizations, large or small, can enjoy ecommerce benefits by identifying specific business processes of a sales life cycle where the Internet can transform the business practice.

Business Processes Digitalization Networking
Product Development Easy to extract business intelligence from digitalized information Conduct user survey online is cost-effective
Marketing Potential for one-to-one marketing. Reach customers globally
Sales Automation of sales data capturing Web site is available 24x7.
Payment Automation of payment data capturing Online credit card authoring
Fulfillment Automation of fulfillment data capturing Digital products (software, ebooks) can be delivered online
Customer Support Extract business intelligence Support documents on the Web site are available 24x7.

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