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Future of Ecommerce


The attempt to paint a clear picture of the future is always fertile. The predictable part of the future, however, will be the efforts of solving the major problems we face today and the possibility of that some of technical and business initiatives at the infant stage today will become mainstream tomorrow.

Ecommerce Standards The Internet and the Web have overcome the technical difficulty of EDI, but it has not solved the problem of slow development of ecommerce standards. The development and acceptance of standards will significantly impact the future success of the electronic commerce. XML will play a pivotal role in that process.

The Impact of Broadband The continuing acceptance of broadband technology and maturity of technology for delivering broadband applications (video on demand, online gaming and etc.) to the end users will drastically impact the consumer market in near future. The ability to present multimedia applications to consumers will transform the Internet from an information tool to an entertainment tool. The Web, as the fourth medium, has the potential to integrate other three types of media (print, radio and video) in one way or another.

Software as Services The Internet has changed the way how software is distributed. It may change the way how software is developed. Distribution of some software may not be necessary. The functionality of some software may be presented as online services that users can subscribe.

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