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Basic Internet Vocabulary Quiz

1  HTML is an acronym of
A) High Tech Markup Language B) How To Markup Language
C) Hyper Text Markup Language D) HoT MeaL
2  URL is
A) Unique Routing Link B) Uniform Resource Locator
C) Universal Resource Locator D) Unix Real Link
3  HTTP is short for
A) HyperText Transfer Protocol B) HyperText Transfer Process
C) Homepage Text Talk Protocol D) Homepage Text Transfer Protocol
4  WWW stands for
A) Wild Weird Web B) Wide & Wet Web
C) World Working Web D) World Wide Web
5  Email is an abbreviation of
A) Electronic Mail B) Easy Mail
C) All of above D) Non of above
6  ISP is an acronym of
A) Internal Service Procedure B) Internet Service Procedure
C) Internet Service Provider D) Instant Service Protocol
7  Web Server is software for
A) analyzing Web traffic B) serving Web page upon user's request
C) crawling the Web D) Unix Operating System
8  FTP stands for
A) Full Text Processing B) File Transfer Program
C) File Transfer Process D) File Transfer Protocol
9  telnet is
A) a teleohone network B) a teller network
C) a standard Internet protocol for remote login D) dialup program
10  LAN is an acronym of
A) Local Area Network B) Logical Analyzer
C) Link and Node D) None of above


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