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Search Engine Marketing Basics


Major Search Engines The number of search engines could be well over 100,000, but there're only a few that will generate site traffic for you.

Search EnginesSearches per DayWeb Pages Indexed
Google250 millions4.3 billions
Yahoo150 millions
MSN100 millions
Overture (allTheweb)167 million3.0 billions
Inktomi80 millions 
LookSmart45 millions 
Findwhat33 millions 
Daily Traffic: (in millions)

Google, Yahoo and MSN are the major players in search engine market. Search results are ranked by relevance and popularity in Google. Yahoo shows sponsored listing first, then result are ranked by relevance and popularity. MSN are powered by Yahoo technology, are expected to release its search engine nased bu natural language processing. Google will generate most of site traffic for you if you don't want to spend money. Overture will generate little traffic if you're not a sponsor.

Indexed by Search Engines You can submit your sites or web pages directly to search engines, use free online tools to submit pages to multiple sites, or use commercial search engine submission and marketing services to do the job. Most search engines will take a few days to a few weeks (forever some times) to index your pages. If your pages are not linked by any pages, they may not show up in search engines even they've been indexed.

The most effective way to get indexed by search engines is not submission, instead it's to be found. Search engines will automatically indexed your pages when they periodically crawl the Web if your pages are linked by other pages.

Generate More Traffic From Search Engines Search engines rank documents by relevance and popularity. Lower rank pages may show up at top positions in Google search results if your pages are closely relevant to what users are looking for. There are two ways to increase your traffic:

  • produce rich content on your pages;
  • get your pages linked by as many (popular) pages as possible. One popular link may be worthy more than dozens of links from average pages.

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