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Co-op Advertising Network - An Automated Free Link Exchange Program


How it work?

Co-op Advertising Network is a free service operated by Digitalpoint Solution. There're about five thousand ads randomly served on a few million pages from about 2,500 member sites as of this writing (Jan. 29, 2005). Once you join the network, you have the potential to get on-way links from thousands of sites besides the traffic generated from the ad network. Some of the ads are shown on PR7 pages. You show other members' ads on your websites in exchange for other members to show your ads on their sites. The more members in the network, the more powerful the ad network.

How to Sigh Up?

It only takes a minute to sign up, Click Here to begin.

Serving Your Ads on the network

  1. Setup - This is the process of adding a few files and a few lines of code on your site. Click "Setup Instructions" link after signup or login. The instructions are straightforward and easy to follow if you have some web design and scripting (php, perl and asp) knowledge. It's worth the effort even if you need others' help. Visit Co-op Ad Network Forum for help.
  2. Validation - The system makes sure that ads are served on your site before your ads are served on other sites. The system currently requires that ads run on all pages of your site or a sub-directory.
  3. Ad Creation - Ads are approved by volunteers manually. The approval takes about from a few minutes to a few hours. You can have up to 20 ads live at a time.
  4. Weight Allocation - You may want to serve some ads more often than others by allocating the weights.

Benefits and Success Stories

The Co-op ad network is a free service that automates the practice of link building and online ads. As long as the linking building and online ads bring values to your online business, the Co-op ad network will thrive. I was able to get 200 extra visitors a day from MSN after running two ads within a week, ad 500 extra visitors from Google after three weeks. More successful stories.

Mini FAQ

  1. How do I know my ads are running? - use link command on msn, you'll see backlinks in a week after running your ads on the network.
  2. How is weight calculated? - It's based on two major factors - PR of your homepage or the subdirectory you serve the ads and the # of pages indexed by Google.
  3. What is the weight/backlinks ratio - 10 to 50 based on my experience.
  4. What is the minimum weights to gain some backlinks? - 1,000 weight units worked for me, haven't tried 500 weight units yet.
  5. Does it work for all search engines? - It works fast and best on MSN (within a week), then Yahoo Search. It takes 3-6 weeks to see improved rankings on Google.
  6. Will my sites be banned by search engines 'cause joining the network? - A site will NOT be negatively impacted in any search engines by links from other sites. Otherwise, we can all link our competitors off the search engines. However, running bad ads on your sits do get your sites in trouble. This is the reason that ads in co-op ad network require manually approval.

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