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Link Building - Driving Traffic and Boosting Search Engine Rankings


Link Building and Page Optimization are two legs of Search Engine Marketing. Imbalance in either of them is a handicapped marketing campaign. Link building is often a time-consuming, sometime frustrating, process. The rewarding, however, is worthy the efforts and the patience. Links can directly drive traffic to your sites, or generate traffic from search engines by boosting your page rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Safe Linking Practice - Linking for Users and for Traffic

Options of building links are only limited by your imagination. But many webmasters are constantly worried about whether certain linking practices will result penalties from the search engines. As the search engines continuously change and improve the ranking algorithms, the criteria for safe linking practice change over time. The principle of safe link building is always the same - if your links make sense to your users, you should never have to worry about being panelized. After all, a search engine is an aggregation of average Web users.

Link Text - extended Content

Link text of a link usually highlights important points of the Web page it links to. Link text, is really, the extension of your page content. There's always a limit how many words or keywords you should and can put into a Web page, there's no limit how many links can point a particular Web page. Google treats link text as part of page content. A document can be ranked on high on Google without the appearance of the search term in the document if the search term is in the link text of backlinks (links from other pages). If you search for miserable failure on Google, the #1 position links to George W. Bush's Bio even the bio doesn't contain the keyword phrase miserable failure. The search term, instead, appears in the link text of many many backlinks. You see the power of link text here.

Text Link vs. Image Link

On Google, if a link is an image, the alt text (text of "alt" tag) of the image is treated as the link text of the link. Alt text of an image is ignored if the image is not a hyperlink.

Link Building Strategies

You can build links by participating in related forums, submitting your sites or pages to directories, exchanging links with related sites, submitting content to other sites, or building links in old-fashioned way - by building a solid site and hoping that people will eventually and slowly link to your site.

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