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Search Engine Marketing - Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro?


Every Web site owner wants more traffic whether he operates a commercial site, a content site, or a Website for a non-profit organization. Search Engine Promotion is the centerpiece of overall Internet marketing strategy since most Websites get over 80% of their traffic from Search Engines. The million dollar question is, should you do it yourself or should you hire a pro? If you want to do it yourself, this site has provided sufficient information to get started.

Why Hire a Search Engine Marketing Pro There's no doubt that professional Search Engine marketers can do a better job than Website owners when it comes to promote sites, not design sites.

Experience The pros have more and in-depth experience since Search Engine Promotion is what they do everyday.

Tools The pros usually have software tools to increase the quality and productivity of the promotion.

Learn from the Pros Working with professionals is the best way to educate yourself.

How much should you pay for professional Search Engine Promotion? Optimization of one page costs from under $100 to $1,000. How much should you pay for the promotion?

Figure out the conversion rate. The conversion rate is the percentage of users who have become your customers as a result of visiting your site. If 5 out 100 visitors have converted as customers, the conversation rate is 5%. The average conversion rate is about 1% based on statistics.

Estimate # of hits gained from professional Search Engine Promotion for 6 months. All search engines have been working harder to present relevant pages to the Web users by changing and improving search algorithms. The promotion strategy works for today may not work well a couple of months down the road.

Calculate ROI If the conversion rate is 1%, the estimated traffic increase from the promotion is 1,000 a month, and you can make $200 dollars on each new customer. The total revenue from the promotion is:

    $12,000 = 6 * 1,000 * 1% * $200

The cost of marketing and sales is usually about 20-30% of total revenue. Considering 50% of expense in cyber world, the maximum amount of money you're willing to pay is $6,000.

The another way to justify the cost of professional promotion is to compare this ROI to the RIO from using Google's AdWord to generate hits.

How to Choose a Search Engine Marketing Pro?

Checkout their Websites The user-friendly Web design and knowledge demonstrated on the Websites are usually good indication of professionalism.

Search the Web You may find what others say about a promotion company on the Web or newsgroups. No comments is usually good comments.

Talk to the pros Direct conversation, face-to-face or over the phone, can further help you to learn more about their expertise and their business.

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