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New Website Promotion - List Web Site with Google Search Engine


You have a great online business idea, useful products or valuable services. You've spent weeks or months creating your eye-popping Web pages. You've picked a top-notch hosting company to host your site. ... and wait money to pour into your pocket. Surprisingly, nobody visits your site at all. Release of a Website is really a new beginning of your e-adventure. You need to continuously promote the site.

The most important part of your new web site promotion should definitely be to list your new web site with Google Search Engine as Google generates more search traffic than any other Search Engines and most of Websites get over 80% of their traffic from search engines.

Conventional Internet Marketing Techniques Don't Work Well for a New Site All techniques of Internet Marketing promotion will help you generate visitors. However, they don't work well or don't work at all for new Web site Promotion.

TechniqueThe Problems
submit to search Engines Google won't include a page unless it's linked by other pages.
submit to http://dmoz.org Free and easy to submit, but the chance of being listed is slim.
Announce in newsgroups You may get 2 or 3 visitors per post if you're luck. It won't help your site be indexed by Google.
Email Campaign Where to get the mailing list? Email won't get your site into Google either.
Reciprocal Links Most site owners won't honor reciprocal links unless your page has PageRank 4 or higher. How can your pages have a PageRank value if they aren't even in Google?

Practical and Effective Way to Promote a New Site

The key to promote a new site on Google is to get your site linked by other sites which are indexed by Google already.

Google updates the index database every 4 weeks, and now moves to a continuous update. The Googlebot continuously crawls the Web. The more other pages linked to your pages, the quicker your site will be indexed. It may take a few days or 4 weeks before your site is indexed into Google.

Find Link Pages Using right search terms on Google can help you find a list of sites that will likely link to your site. If your site is related to music, search term Music "add url" or music "add site" will show a list of pages where you can submit or ask for links. There're many small directories in each subject area, they always welcome addition of new sites. You should always be able to find some pages (with PageRank value 4 or higher) related to your site. Make sure that the url of a site on those pages is used to link to the listing sites. Some directories link listing sites to a cgi script and that script will redirect visitors to target sites. This helps directories to track number of hits and will generate traffic to your site as well. But it won't help boast the PageRank value of your site.

Participate Discussion Forums Web Design forums (cre8asite forums, devshed forums) or Search Engine Marketing forums (HighRanking Forum, SEOchat Forums) are the excellent places to learn Search Engine Marketing. Being a regsitered user of a forum, you can place your URL in your user profile and that will help your site being indexed by search engines. Simply asking questions in the forums will increase the chance of being indexed so long as your site url is part of your signature files.

Finally, your site is indexed by Google. To generate more traffic from Google is another game called search engine ranking and search engine optimization

Search Engine Promotion Companies Search Engine promotion companies with reputation and experience will help your new site promotion. Some of them have a client list page. If that page has a PageRank value 4 or higher, simply on that page will get your site indexed by Google in less a month. Googlebot checks the pages with higher PageRank more frequently than those with lower PageRank value.

Shop around before you spend money.

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