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Website Classification for Search Engine Marketing


When come to Search Engine Marketing, we ask:

1) How do I promote my website?
2) What days of the week do you get the most traffic?
3) What is the average click through rate of sponsored links?

The questions could go on, on and on. And SEO experts may have different answers on the same question and it all depends ..., depends really on what kind of website you're talking about. Unless we are able to classify websites by characteristics properly, the answers to many SEM questions are meaningless.

A Website is a collection of Web pages that adhere to a common theme. For the purpose of Web marketing or search engine promotion, We'd like to focus on logical aspects rather than physical aspects of the Websites. Google has indexed over 4 billions of documents on the Web. The numbers of unique domain names are estimated to be over 16 millions according to www.alexa.com. The total number of websites could be well over 100 millions considering that many web sites are under sub-domains or a directories. The large number of Websites can be grouped by the content of the site and popularity of a site.

Content Type The gigantic number of Websites falls into a few content types:

  • Content Site collection of pages that provide text, images or video content. CNN and CNET are examples of well-established content sites.
  • Forum a website where many members can past message and interact with each other. Content in various forms is informal and spontaneous.
  • Blog A blog is a (usually personal) journal that is available on the web. Blog software allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain their journal. Blog is like a forum where just one user posts messages.
  • Directory Site A directory, for instance Yahoo and dmoz, is a collection of pages that provide links and descriptions to other sites or pages. There're directory sites for almost every niche subject (search engine directories, astronomy links and ESL links).
  • Brochure or Organization Site This type of the site is the equivalent of brochure in print media. The sites are designed to promote an organization, individual or products.
Many Websites are created with the mixed types of content elements.

Content Subject The subject of a website could rang from news, sports, entertainment, to science.

Size of the Website The size of a website is measured by the numbers of pages within the site.

  • Small Website less than 100 pages.
  • Medium Website 100 - 1000 pages.
  • Large Website more than 1000 pages.

Link Popularity of Websites All major search engines use link structure as part of their ranking algorithm. We use Google's PageRank to measure the link popularity of a Website since the algorithm is well-known, simple and viewable with Google's Toolbar. The link popularity of a Website is measured by the average PageRank value of the main navigation pages, the pages accessible from all pages of the site. If a homepage of a site is PR4, and other pages are PR3, the site is considered a PR3 site.

  • Low PageRabk Site (PR0 - PR3) Most of new websites fall into this category.
  • Medium PageRank Site (PR4 - PR6) Some of low PageRank websites evolves into Medium PageRank site over a course of a couple of months or a year without buying links.
  • High PageRank Site (PR7 - PR10) The number of high PageRank sites are not that many. The only PR10 site I'm aware of is www.google.com.

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