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Website Traffic Services


Building Website traffic is a long term effort and commitment, whether it's from search engines, directories or repeat visitors. There're techniques for generating quick site traffics, however. You can either run adwords campaign on Google, or use Website traffic service companies. In general, visitors from traffic services have lower quality compared with other traffic generation approaches. But if it boosts your online business from return on investment perspective, you should open for new options.

The key for buying traffic is to understand how traffic is generated by the companies who deliver traffic to your site. The traffic service companies usually explain this in their FAQ pages. You should never trust a company who doesn't explain how the traffic is generated. There're 4 types of website traffic services as far as I'm aware of:

Popups or Popunders When users view a web page, link to your pages are appeared in a popup or popunder window. Many consider this type of ads intrusive, and software has been developed to block popups or popunders. Academic research concluded that popups could be effective if it targeted right audience.

Abandoned Domains The traffic service companies bought a bunch of expired domains which still get some visitors from search engines, links or bookmarks. They direct the traffic to your sites. This type of services, in my opinion, generates better visitors than other traffic services if targeted visitors match your needs.

Traffic Exchange If you visit two site (setting your browser homepage to service company's homepage), you get one visitor. Visitors from Traffic exchange are not the visitors who are in the mode of making purchasing decision..

Invisible Visitors Some traffic service companies create free adult sites to attract visitors, and use popups or even hidden windows to deliver useless hits (not even visitors) to your site. The hits are generated by scripts, not real visitors. This is definitely something everyone should avoid.

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