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Web Application Development


Development Infrastructure

Java Application Servers for Web Development what is an Application Server, common services, evaluation of the Application Servers and top vendors in Java Application Server market.
Development Processes and Technical Environments development, test and production environments
Software Configuration Management - Version Control, Build, Release Management and Process Control Software Configuration Management is the process of keeping track of your progress and history for applications you develop.
Software Testing - Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and User Testing A software unit represents a small unit of software functionality
Software Testing Procedures The testing of complex software system is a complex project itself in software quality assurance. It employs software test methodology, risk management and well-structured testing procedures.

Web Application Development

Component Based Application Development Approaches of software development fall into 3 broad categories- product development, custom development and component development.
Web Application Development Methodologies SDLC, Object Oriented and Rapid Application Development
Programming Languages Java/JSP, ASP, PHP and Perl
Database Development database development tasks and database servers

Ecommerce Development

Online Tax Calculation Taxware International, Vertex and CyberSource

Project Management

Project Management - IT and Ecommerce Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to define, organize, oversee and control the various project processes. Project managers for ecommerce project require general project management skills, understanding of business processes and broad knowledge and experience of information technology.
Application Development and Documentation Processes The purpose of good documentation process is to establish a knowledge repository that can facilitate maintenance and enhancement of existing applications and accelerate development of new applications.
On Choosing A Software Developer Your business needs software development. Sooner or later, you'll find that existing software doesn't fit your needs.

Web Development Resources

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