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Java Application Servers for Web Development


Large Web-based ecommerce systems are commonly structured in 3-tier architecture - Presentation Layer, Application Layer and Persistent Layer. Many software have been developed to manage the commonality of applications at each layer to simplify and standardize the Web application development. Web Browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, handle presentation layer of a Web-based application. Relational Database Management Systems (DBMS) or database servers, such as Oracle, are usually used for managing data persistent layers. An Application Server is a server program that manages, runs and serves business applications. Top Application Servers are designed to support Java applications based Sun Microsystems' J2EE standards.

Application Server is not a operation system. We can run browsers, application servers and database servers on the same operating system. For instance, we can run an Internet Explorer, a WebLogic server (a application server), and Oracle Database on one NT server.

Application Server is not an application. Application Server can manage and run many business applications and doesn't implement business logic.

Common Services provided by Application Servers

Java Application Servers commonly support six primary services - concurrency, transaction management, persistence, object distribution, naming, and security.

Evaluation of J2EE Application Servers

Choosing the Right Application Servers is a complex decision making process. You choose what's best for your project considering performance, cost and licensing/compliance, scalability and availability, efficient development, platform and sdk support/technical support.

Top Vendors in Java Application Servers

IBM and BEA are the two contenders in Java Application Server market. According to new research by Gartner Dataquest, IBM has become the top vendor in the fiercely competitive market for Java application-server software. The market share for IBM's WebSphere grew to 37% in 2002 from 31% in 2001. While market share for BEA's WebLogic slipped from 34% in 2001 to 29% in 2002.

JRun is another low cost Java Application Server that many developers like.

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