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Application Development and Documentation Processes


Documentation is a process concurrent with application development. The purpose of good documentation process is to establish a knowledge repository that can facilitate maintenance and enhancement of existing applications and accelerate development of new applications.

Documentation in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)

Development Phases



Requirements Phase

Business Requirements of the application

Project Manager

Architecture Phase

Proposed solution and rationality


Design Phase

1. Database Documents
  1.1 ERD
  1.2 Table Summary
  1.3 Table description

2. Application Documents
  2.1 Logical Data flow Diagram
  2.2 Class Diagram
  2.3 Interaction Diagram

3. UI Documents


Implementation Phase

1. Physical Data flow diagram
2. Process description


Deployment Phase

1. Server Configuration
  1.1 Database configuration
  1.2 Web Server, Application server configuration

2. Deployment Procedure
  2.1 Build scripts

2.2 Deployment procedure

CM, Developer, System Admin, DBA

Support Phase

1. FAQ

Project Manager, Client Service

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