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Web Application Development Methodologies


In development practice, it's harder to fit any development into standard definition of any methodologies. Different methodologies, rather, offer alternative ways of looking at and thinking of the same problems and various tools for productivity.

SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) takes a holistic view of Information Systems by breaking the entire life cycle into phases of System Definition, Requirements Gathering, System Analysis, System Design, Software & Hardware Acquisition, System Implementation, System Testing, System Deployment and Post Implementation.

Object Oriented (OO) OO has gained popularity as a methodology for analyzing and designing software. It treats software systems as a group of objects interacting with each other. Objects either describe real word entities or artificial entities of developers' inventions. Objects are described by their states of attributes (variables) and behaviors (methods).

OO offers a concise way to structure software components. The success of OO inspired its advocates to expand OO to cover the spectrum of Information Systems development. Most people (they're not from a OO or software development background) defining information systems still naturally follow SDLC.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) RAD refers to a software development methodology that uses development software tools (prototyping, CASEs and Code Generators) to speedup the software development with low-cost and high-quality. It could be SDLC or OO centric dependent on the development tools you use.

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