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Programming Languages


Development teams don't always have the freedom and opportunity to choose new programming languages for their projects. Their choice are restricted by the existing applications and developers' expertise. For those who do have the luxury to choose programming languages, thorough and systematic investigation and evaluation are recommended. The decision made will not only impact the future of your ecommerce application development, but also the technical direction of your career development. Choice of programming languages is naturally a part of architectural evaluation.

Java/JSP If you want to build large-scale software, OO is the most suitable methodology. And Java, a programming language invented by Sun Microsystems, is many software engineers' choice. JSP (Java Server Page) can easily produce dynamic HTML pages in Java. Oracle's comprehensive e-business solution 11i was built in Java/EJB/JSP.

ASP Microsoft's ASP (Active Server Page) and Sun's JSP have the same power for building dynamic HTML pages. ASP is closed integrated with other Microsoft products and technology.

PHP PHP is very similar to JSP or ASP in the way how dynamic content is generated. The syntax is, however, mostly borrowed from Perl. PHP has gained popularity in last a few years because of the low cost of supporting it for Web hosting companies.

Perl Perl is a scripting language built for text processing, extracting and reporting. It has been widely used by Unix admins. Perl was the only language capable of building dynamic Web pages in the early years of the Web in the form of CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

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