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Project Management - IT and Ecommerce


Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to define, organize, oversee and control the various project processes. Project managers for ecommerce project require general project management skills, understanding of business processes and broad knowledge and experience of information technology.

Define Project Scope The scope of ecommerce project describes the intended end users the project will support, the major business processes the project will perform, the relationship of the project with existing information systems and ecommerce applications, funding availability, timeframe of application release and measures of the success of the project.

Develop Project Plan Project planning is the process of detailing the project scope to look into the feasibility of the project from many aspects, and to plan for the details of project execution. Development Paln Break the project into phases horizontally and sub-systems vertically. Time & Cost Management Create a project schedule, resources and budget plan. Some ecommerce projects may need purchase of hardware and software, but the cost of development resources is most likely the major factor of overall cost.m Quality Management Develop a quality plan and carry out quality assurance and quality control activities. Part of quality management at planning stage is the development of high level test plan. Development team can run the test plan against high level requirements to validate scope of the project. Resource Management Perform organizational planning, manage staff acquisitions and promote team development. Risk Management Identify risks, develop contingency plans for possible risks. User Training Plan Outline the steps, resources and time required for end user training.

Monitor and Control Project Progresses Projects seldom proceed as planned. The progress of a project is impacted by many factors - change of project requirements, unexpected technical challenges, and changes in resources availability. Project managers should closely monitor the progress of a project, identify the critical successful factors and foresee the risks of project implementation, and adjust project plan and re-allocate resources. The project plan is continuously updated to keep track of what's happening rather than what's planned.

Post Implementation Review After the completion of a project, project team can learn from experience, identify the things that went well and the things that failed to work.

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