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WebSite Traffic Analysis


One of the obvious advantages of online businesses is their ability to track and log site statistics and user behaviors. It usually costs a fortune for brick-and mortar businesses to track customer statistics and analyze consumer behaviors. But for ecommerce operation, all you need is to install right log or site traffic analysis software. Site traffic analysis can provide valuable information for analyzing and improving your e-business operation.

Site Statistics

  • Site Traffic bandwidth used, # of files transferred.
  • Site Usage number of hits, # of visits, number of page views, daily and hourly usages.
  • Referrers External links or bookmarks that originate the traffic to your site.
  • User Agents the types and versions of browsers that users use to access the websites.

Visitor Tracking Some sophisticated software goes further to analyze user behavior patterns, such as

  • Popular Pages the pages that users accessed frequently. This helps identify users' preferences of site content.
  • Entry Pages The pages that users enter your site.
  • Exit Pages the pages where users exit your site. Exit pages help web masters to identify the problems of web site design. Users exit a site for three reasons 1) completion of an intended task; 2) lost of interest; and 3) experience difficulty with the site.
  • Access Path a sequence of pages that users access your site. A access path usually corresponds to a unit of complete business functionality.

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