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WebSite Monitoring Basics


Importance of WebSite Monitoring As the ecommerce and the Internet continue to make inroads into every aspect of traditional businesses, a Web presence can either drastically strengthen or weaken your business. A successful Web operation can potentially harvest all the benefits of the ecommerce in the entire sales life cycle, from product development, marketing, transaction, fulfillment to customer support. An ill-monitored operation will damage your offline business in addition to the money wasted in your online business.

WebSite monitoring allows site owners to take actions before their customers experience the difficulty of their Websites.

Types of Site Monitoring The site monitoring can be basic or complex depending on the goals of your Web presence.

  • Availability Monitoring checks whether Web users can access your Websites. According to InternetSeer, each month, the average web site is unavailable 2.67 hours.
  • Performance Monitoring measures the speed of page or site access.
  • Transaction Monitoring checks whether users can complete a transaction, for instance placing an order, and how long it takes to conduct the transaction.
WebSite Monitoring Options - Services vs. Software Site owners can either subscribe to a site monitoring service and let the service provider to do the monitoring for you or install monitoring software to do the job. If you operate a small website and likely have the technical skills, you can spend a few hours to write a simple scripts to monitor your site.
  • Site Monitoring Services can be usually setup in a couple of minutes. Services incurs continuos cost, but the cost of services are justified by the benefits of better Web operation. The cost of services can range from a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars a month dependent on the size of the site and complexity of site monitoring.
  • Site Monitoring Software Some simple site monitoring software costs under $100 and can be installed easily on PC, but there's always a learning curve to use the software. If you use a Web hosting company to host your Website and have a different broadband connection to the Internet, installing PC-based monitoring software is not a bad option either.

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