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Choosing a Site Monitoring Service Company


Q: I really want to learn basics of Website Monitoring before evaluating service companies
A: Read WebSite Monitoring Basics.

Q: I'd feel more comfortable to make any decisions if I know how site monitoring works from technical perspective
A: Read WebSite Monitoring Technical Details.

Q: What kind of basic or common services should I expect from site monitoring service companies
A: Service companies typically provide alert and reports (daily, weekly and monthly).

Q: What type of alert should I receive?
A: Alerts can be electronic (email and/or Instant Messenger), or non-electronic (pager, phone, fax, or cellular phone). Most site owners prefer non-electronic alert. If your email server and Web server are not from the same ISP and you sit at computer most of time, email alert is not a bad choice. This is very typical for lot of small business owners they has an ISP for their business and use a hosting company for their web sites.

Q: Should I use my hosting company as monitoring service company as well?
Probably not. Site Monitoring plays a auditing role here.

Q: Should I ask for free trial for a few days?
Yes, most of monitoring service companies do offer free trial.

Q: Finally, how much should I pay for site monitoring services?
A: The monthly cost could range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars dependent on the size of your site and levels of monitoring. There're several factors affecting the pricing:

  • Services whether you want availability, performance or transaction monitoring?
  • Frequency how frequent do you want your sites to be checked,?
  • Customization does your monitoring require customization of monitoring services?
  • Types of Notification (alert) what types of alert or notification do you want to receive?
  • Number of Pages how many pages on your site do you want monitor?

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