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Web Site Monitoring Technical Details


Availability Monitoring Simple monitoring of Web server availability uses multiple geographic monitors to PING the Web server to asses the network availability. ping simply tests whether you can get a packet from and to a given host. Another commonly used network management tool is traceroute. Advanced monitoring checks availability by protocols, usually the protocols of the application service level defined in 5 layers of the Internet.

  • HTTP/HTTPS checks URLs on a Web server (HTTP) and/or a secure web server (HTTPS) for a valid response code using HEAD HTTP request method. GET request method will retrieve the content of the pages and can validate links and images, as well as detect unauthorized changes in Web pages using keyword comparison.
  • FTP tests file transfer. Username and password are required to login FTP server if it is not an anonymous FTP. Not all Web applications will use a FTP server,
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP establishes a connection with your SMTP server at the protocol level and log into your POP3 server with the username and password.
Performance Monitoring While availability monitoring by protocols can be accomplished in scripts, Performance Monitoring likely employees sophisticated monitoring software.
  • Page Response Time tests response time of static Web pages to evaluate the Web server performance.
  • Database Response tests database performance. Many ecommerce applications are backed by enterprise-strength database servers, whether is Oracle or MS SQLServer. Performance of dynamic pages retrieving The response time of dynamic pages which access database reflects the performance of backend database servers.
  • File Transfer Response tests how long it will take to download files from the site or upload files to the site. Depends on the implementation of the site, file transfer could use HTTP or FTP protocols.
Transaction Monitoring A typical ecommerce transaction (for instance, credit card authentication) involves the message exchanges among several external systems. Availability and performance of internal servers do not guarantee the success of the transactions. Transaction monitoring tests whether users can complete a transaction and how long it will take to complete the transaction.

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